The Artist Known as Canei           

Canei (aka C.J. Britt) has been an artist since grade school. Self-taught and inspired by nature and the varying realms of existence, she’s worked with multiple mediums in an exploration of authentic expression that she could deliver on several dimensions.


During college she was steered away from art as a profession. She decided to abbreviate her time in college so she could be free to develop and discover new components of herself offering her more freedom to become an even better innovator. As the years passed, she taught art in academic settings and offered private lessons. Her many forms of work have spanned from Classical to Surrealism later expanding into larger palettes in Interior Design, as a Designer-Decorator and Artist. 


More than a dozen of her celebrity portraits were featured in “Celebrity Cheese”, a popular full dining restaurant and cigar bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; as well as in restaurants such as Carpe Diem, Carroll Street and Apres Diem in Atlanta, Georgia. Canei’s work has also been included in gallery tours and with several prominent establishments on the East Coast. Additionally, her portfolio includes art featured in motion pictures and commissioned for private collections.


Most of her previous work is signed by C.J. Britt. After an encounter with death, she emerged as the entity known as Canei and now resides in suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Her most recent creations will be signed as Canei, the innovator of inspired pieces which includes paintings, sculptures, hybrids and more.